Your Dog and Cat Doesn’t Get Along? 7 Things that You Should Do

It is very exciting to have both a dog and a cat at home. However, as some children’s stories go, they sometimes don’t get along and extra work is required to train them.

With the right techniques at hand, keeping peace at home is possible. These 7 things should help you to achieve that:

1. Start with the introduction

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Whether you are bringing in a new dog or  a new cat into your home, and you already have one, a good foundation usually starts at introduction. To start with, it is very important to make sure that your house has enough space for your pets to at least have some space away from one another. The dog should be able to follow your commands well because the introduction may turn sour if the dog is aggressive or overzealous.

2. Separate them if you are not at home

This is very important during the first few weeks, making sure that you will not end up seeing one of them seriously hurt after arriving home. They may tend to injure each other without your supervision.

3. Reward and Praise

Most of the time, it is the dog acting actively, and sometimes, negatively to your cat. However, if your dog is well complimented for his or her good behavior around your cat, he will love doing so again and again. This can also include giving treats to your dog every time he associates pleasantly with the cat.

adorable chihuahua puppy and canadian sphynx cat

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