This Dog Is Completely Obsessed With Looking After His Tiny Baby Duck

Farley was a herding dog, not really ideal for farms or rescues. In a shelter, herding dogs don’t really have much use since distraught animals don’t require herding. They need calmness and assurance they are safe, not bothered and cared for. That is what Farley has done. Laurie Zaleski, a founder of the rescue, was initially apprehensive of what Farley would do but after a little training, Farley developed some skills naturally and now takes care of the animals.

image source: Funny Farm Rescue
Farley treats other animals like friends and some as siblings. He is very fond of a tiny duck, called Doodle. He has become Doodle’s lifeguard in many ways. Farley takes care of the birds and doesn’t mind them pecking at him. He stops fights between a peacock and a turkey. He comforted the goat when it had a broken leg and was recovering. Farley even goes over to check on the horse, the other small animals and does play his role as a faithful dog for the human owners to the hilt.
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