Orphan Deer Nursed By Chocolate Lab And Given A Chance At Life

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In life, there are so many uncertain things and when we are left in a dark place, we have to have faith that someone or something is going to pull us through.

For an orphaned deer whose poor mother was hit by a truck, that saving grace was an old chocolate lab who decided to adopt the deer as her son and nurse him as her own. In a YouTube video called “Orphan Deer Raised and Nursed by Chocolate Lab”, you are able to see a sweet Chocolate Lab Mom lying down while a deer nurses and drinks her milk.

This unique and special bond speaks heavily to the caring and nurturing nature of animals – a kind of good nature, we often do not give them credit for. If it were not for this Chocolate Lab being willing to let this sweet baby deer, a totally different species, nurse and drink her milk, this baby deer may have never have had the comfort or sustenance it needed to survive.

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The entire human race could truly take a cue from this unique mother and son pairing. When it comes to literally laying down our lives for one another, we do not hold a candle to what animals are known to do for one another. It is important to note that by this chocolate lab allowing this baby deer to nurse and drink her milk, she is displaying the ultimate act of vulnerability- she is putting aside her own comfort and allowing her body to physically create sustenance for a baby in need that is not only not even hers but is not even the same species as her- selflessness is truly emanating from her.

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