Stray Dog With Her Stomach Split Open Was Rescued Just In The Nick Of Time

What would you if you find poor a homeless dog? What if it’s not the ordinary stray with no regular water and food supply? What if it’s not only infested with ticks and fleas? What if it’s not just injured with few scratches, bites or cuts? What if it was one with her stomach split open? What would you do?

A horrific find was discovered in a vacant lot in India where a lonely stray dog was found lying with the trash. What’s even more disturbing is that she has a big wound – not the typical injury homeless dogs have.

This one dog has it huge gash in her stomach! The poor dog was a female, and it seems she’s a mother, but no puppies were found that seemed to be hers.

No one knows how she got it, but in my opinion, it doesn’t look like it was cut by accident. Something was used to cut the poor dog’s open. The cut has clean lines and was long, not the type you typically get via accidents.

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For a stray, injured dog, this pooch seemed to be very friendly. When her rescuers approached her, she remained calm. She perked up her ears and seems to be happy seeing them approach here.

It was as if she knew, right then and there, that they have come to save her.

When one of Animal Aid Unlimited India’s rescuers attempted to sit behind her, she was still calm. When he tried to touch her, she was wagging her tail and did not attempt to move nor escape. Maybe it’s because she was hurting so bad? Or maybe she just felt at ease.

The rescuers do not want to waste time and wanted to get her check the soonest time possible, so they started with their mission. They gently wrapped a brown blanket around her and gently lifted her from the ground. Her rescuers proceeded to take her in their rescue vehicle.

Upon arrival, she was examined by their vet, was cleaned and treated. The rescue group says this dog gave them the warmest welcome ever! It was evident in the video, which is why everyone felt bad for this lonely female.

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