This Adorable Super Bowl Commercial With Puppies Is Winning Hearts And Going Viral

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Super Bowl Commercial Featuring a Puppy and Clydesdales

Millions of people who would never miss the Super Bowl are always upbeat about the commercials. While many want to use the break for a ton of necessary chores, most people have fallen in love with the commercials or advertisements over the years. Some commercials have been disasters in living memory and some have been contentious too. But some brands have always upped the game and delivered to the promise of amazing the viewers.
Budweiser, one of the most trusted brands in beverages, took the 2014 Super Bowl by storm with a commercial featuring a puppy and Clydesdales. The setting is a ranch with a kennel next door. Of the many puppies that play and have fun at the kennel, one is more inquisitive about what is in the ranch. The little cute puppy develops a penchant to get to the ranch, eventually, the stable where a Clydesdale rests. The puppy gets away from the kennel, finds a little opening under the fence, slides underneath and gets to the stable.

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.