Be Aware of the Risks When You Let Your Dog Play in the Water

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Dogs love water. They learn to swim rather quickly and they do turn out to be great swimmers.

There are stories of dogs rescuing people from rip tides. The sight of watching dogs jumping into pools or toying with the hose, splashing water and playing with the kids. But you should be aware of the risks when you let your dog play in the water.
Dogs can suffer from what is known as water intoxication. While not very common, water intoxication is a risk that almost every dog regardless of size and breed is vulnerable to. This came to light for Susan, a Californian, while training her dog Kinetic. The dog was three and a half years old and was healthy, agile and perfectly at ease with water. Kinetic loved to train in water. Susan was planning to have Kinetic compete at elite agility events so she was focus on Kinetic’s muscle strength. She was cross-training the dog in the pool and she consciously avoided overexertion. Kinetic never had any history of trouble or discomfort with water. But one day after the normal twenty minutes of training, Kinetic was not his usual energetic self. The dog was lethargic and motionless.
Kinetic started to have strange symptoms. Her head bobbed quaintly, she kept urinating, she started foaming at the mouth, the lips turned bluish and eventually Kinetic passed out. It was like slipping into a coma.

Image Source: DogBlabjumping, flying labrador

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.