You Wouldn’t Believe The Incredible Transformation Of This Poor Dog With Acid Burns! Just Wow!

You wouldn’t believe your eyes once you see the incredible recovery of this homeless poodle!

Hope for Paws, an animal rescue group received a call regarding a homeless poodle with horrible chemical burns in the mouth. Concerned citizens claim that the dog had ingested acid which caused painful acid burns of the dog’s mouth. One can only imagine how severe her case was, as acid burn and ingestion is not something to be taken lightly.

The group came in to rescue the dog. When they arrived on the scene, it is clear that the dog hasn’t received proper treatment for who knows how long.
With just one glance, one can already tell she has no one to call a family and no place to call her home. Her condition was even much worse – worse than they have imagined.
Its white fur is dirty, almost resembling a creamy brown color with all kinds of dirt stuck on it. Her fur is matted in clumps, and her tail is mostly bald. There are other parts of his body with missing fur like her ears. She was too thin for her size. But the worse thing is her mouth was burnt with acid.
Flies are swarming in around her. Her smell was inviting flies all over the place as she smells like she’s rotting away.
They found her eating some dog food from the ground while flies swarmed all around her. She was just eating, not minding the newcomers and went on eating her meal.
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