Time To Bathe And These Guys Are Throwing A Fit And It Is Hilarious To Watch

Bath time with Dogs – Bath time with your pet is always a fun time – whether they like it or not!

Click on the video to see a few of our canine friends who are not so enthusiastic about having a bathe. From the complete denial of going to whimpering and snarling, they are telling that it is just not the right time to have a bath. They have the most creative ways of avoiding the bath time, one different from the other.
The little guy in the first clip acts like he is wading in river before even his paws touch the water! Doesn’t the mommy realize how cold and unwelcome the water is? It looks like he is looking at the person with the camera and begging him to rescue him from the extremely unpleasant experience of having a good bath.
The second pup, however, is in complete denial of getting to the washroom, ever! He has stubbornly dropped down to the floor giving a good fight when his mommy drags him along the floor. Not for the slightest second he is giving up and letting her take him. Nice perseverance, little guy! However, once you are in the bathe and start enjoying it, the chances are you will not want to leave it.

There is another who is throwing a big tantrum in the bathtub, attempting to dig up the floor and maybe escape from an underground tunnel. Nice thinking, but not very logical mister. The sweet little Chihuahua, who is in the next clip, is showing his toughest snarl, still angry even after the bathe. Well, it can be understandable when you are given a bath when you just really did not want to. Maybe you will realize it is for your own good, little kiddo!

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