When You See What This Homeless Dog Does Your Heart Will Melt And You Will Feel Tears In Your Eyes

This Stray Dog’s Name Is “White” He Lives At The Gas Station Where Everybody Knows Him…

…everybody who works at this gas station as well as regular customers. This dog know quite a few tricks and is extremely friendly. He loves to be loved and he gives you his paws on demand, you just have to point to the paw you want to shake and he will give it to you. It seems that he also loves to have his tummy scratched he will lay down on the ground asking for it. He is just adorable and asking to be loved. He lives there at gas station for a long time and he learned that if he does tricks and be friendly that people will give him food.
“White” is very friendly and asking to be loved…

about this awesome homeless dog named “White”…

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