Beagles Know When Leaves Will Fall And They Could Play With Them

These two Beagles are true nature lovers.

They love all seasons. Especially the one where all the leaves are on the ground and they can roll in them and stick their heads in them. These Beagles are a true naturalists and very patient at that. They come to the park on a regular basis and watch as leaves change color. These dogs already know that once they turn yellow/red they will be falling off and that is when the fun begins. These Beagles probably do this exercise every year. The next great season for these two Beagles is probably Christmas when they get lots of treats and gifts. But for now it is playing with leaves and wait until next round of leaves to play with or the next Christmas.

Beagles Favorite Spot To Watch The Trees And Leaves…

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These guys are such a joy to watch!

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