This Labrador Retriever Is An Awesome Guide Dog And You Will Be Impressed With His Ability

Labradors Make Awesome Service Dogs And This Guide Dog For The Blind Is A Perfect Example Of That

His Owner Musician Blessing is a blind man who had his dog, Tommy since he was a teenager. Blessings credits Tommy for the quality of life and the ease with which he is able to move around. He recently moved to New York and without Tommy, Blessing thinks that his life would be very difficult in a busy city like New York. Tommy is helping Blessing to navigate through busy streets as well as public transportation, such as subway. He is essential in his life. Tommy is a guide dog and a lot of organization that trains dogs like Tommy, rely a lot on labradors as guide dogs. They are very capable and loyal and obedient dogs. With proper training labrador, dogs are gold.
labrador guide dog

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