This German Shepherd Had Some Aggression Issues – See Her Before And Now

This German Shepherd dog had so many issues to deal with from just walking heron a leash, to reacting and dragging…
german-shepherd bad behaviour

…the person that walks her in that direction, all those issues triggered her owner to seek outside help to get their gsd dog under control. Which they did and the investment paid off big time. You will be surprised to see how this dog is behaving now. She has been taught the vital things that will save a lot of energy and aggravation to both her and her owner. This german shepherd was trained and now she is so much fun to be around, including walking and doing all sorts of other activities. In fact she has gotten so good that she can be walked with out the leash no matter what is going on around, dogs or cars, it doesn’t bother this dog anymore, she just pays attention to the person that is walking her and follows commands.

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