If It Wasn’t For This Blind Labrador, The15 Year Old Girl Wouldn’t Have Survived

Annette lived very close to the beach and that is where Norman could run and enjoy himself without bumping into things. He was still same happy dog, but he was a bit more cautious when moving around. He didn’t lose that spark that everybody loved so much in him.
One day Annette took her pet labrador Norman to the beach.  They were walking, when out of the blue Norman started running. He ran very fast for about 150 yards and jumped into the water
Annette ran after him and when she reached the place where her Lab jumped into the water she realized what has happened a girl was drowning and screaming for help. The poor drowning child got so exhausted from screaming and trying to stay afloat that as soon as she saw Norman, she stopped screaming, because she knew help is coming. And that would have been fine with any other dog, but not with this Lab, because he couldn’t see the little girl, he could only hear her. So as soon as girl stopped making any noises this labrador lost the sense of direction. Now watch this amazing video and please comment!



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