Cute Choc Lab Puppies Playing In The Snow And It Is Super Adorable Until They Start Chewing On American Holly Plant

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Cute Little Noses, Ears and Wagging Tails.

These are chocolate labrador retriever puppies playing in the snow with their mother. These guys love snow and this time around, they found another activity. They found a bush with green leaves on it and they seem to love to eat them. The snow is not soft but they still managed to have fun. The day is very sunny and beautiful and the way these puppies behave you just can’t stop watching them. They go from eating leaves to playing with the ball. All around it is very cute little video of chocolate labrador puppies if the plant they were chewing on wasn’t toxic and a no-no for dogs to eat.
Puppies playing ball with their mother…
Jumping on each other and having fun with the ball!
Bush that these cuties shouldn’t be touching.

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.