This Dog Had Very Difficult Past But Just Look At Her Now After She Has Been Rescued

Perfect photo shoot for a withdrawn, soon-to-be mom dog

If you haven’t seen perfect pregnant dog’s maternity photos, you need to see the ones of a dog named Kimberly. They are so perfectly captured; you would think she has been into modeling all her life.
Kimberly’s apparent bust in limelight belies her dark past.The Chihuahua was rescued from a hoarder who kept her together with several others in a state of squalor. They lived together, hounded in a run-down home in Florida, rarely getting out basking in the sun. This was cruel, partly for the fact that Kim-as she was fondly referred to- was expecting to give birth in a few weeks.

A lady by the name Sylvia visited the rescue center where Kim and her fellow Chihuahuas were sheltered after a dramatic rescue. She had been touched by Kim’s plight and especially after the manager of the rescue center narrated the dog’s story to her. By the time Sylvia drove off from the center with Kim in her car, the dog was so heavy with her pregnancy that she gave birth on the way. The birth of the seven beautiful puppies was a turning point. They were cute little things as Sylvia would later recall as she drove to dog hospital to ensure that they were all fine.
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