These Labrador Training To Be Hunt Dogs Is Just Plain Awesome

These labradors are so well behaved it really looks like they were born to do this.
black labrador hunting dog

They are waiting for instructions with anticipation and happy to run and retrieve the training duck. They seem to know who is the leader of the pack – owner. And following every little command that is made. It is very impressive to say the least. These dogs want to please and they are very cute and capable when doing so.
labrador hunting dog
You will love the way black Lab is spinning every time he brings the trophy back to the owner. Labradors are very obedient and easy to train, but like any breed they must be taught/trained to behave the way these labradors are behaving. I am sure it took their owner a lot of time and energy to get them to the point where they are listening and trying to anticipate every command that comes from their master. Very cute Labs

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