This Dog Gets Ecstatic When She Gets Her First Bed Ever

There Is A First Time For Many Things In Life. Kids Are Elated When They Are Taken To Disney World For The First Time.

Couples are ecstatic when they buy their first house. Graduates are joyous when they land their first jobs. There is so much that happens in life but it is the first time that tends to incite the strongest emotions.
Social media has brought us close to many such heartwarming experiences. There is a viral post where a baby girl, who has problems with her vision, cannot really see well and has not seen her parents, is given her first spectacles and she sees her mom for the first time ever. The sheer surprise and joy, the sparkling eyes and the clear sense of inexplicable satiation is unparalleled. Such unprecedented moments are far and few between. One such sporadic burst of joy and satiation was experienced by Millie, a Bull Terrier when she got her first home and found a real bed for herself.
Millie, as she has been introduced to the world, by her foster mom Jill Strafford, was brought home, given secured refuge and a loving welcome.
Image credit/source : JILL STAFFORD /  HUFFINGTON POST

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