Flies And Maggots Were Eating This Homeless Dog Alive, That Is Until They Came Along

Thank you is not enough for all the good things animal rescue organizations have done for the poor animals who needed their help.

If it wasn’t for these selfless and dedicated group of people with a mission in keeping dogs, cats, pets and other animals away from danger, injury and neglect, who knows what would happen to the poor animals?

Time and time again, we get to come across news, stories, and videos of an animal rescued from around the world. Some with more severe cases than others, and some rescues more dangerous than the rest.

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I’ve been an avid fan of rescue stories, and usually spend some of my free time looking, searching and watching videos of mostly dog rescues.

Time and time again, animal rescue groups have proven their love and concern for animals, most especially pets who have no one to care for them.

Animal Aid Unlimited is one of the organizations I grew to love, mainly because they seem to find the dogs and animals who have some of the worst cases that needed immediate rescuing.

I happen to find a video that made me shed tears of sadness in the first part, and of joy by the end of the video. I hope you enjoy reading and watching the video as much as I did.

This is the story of Moses – the dog who almost lost his life because of flies and maggots.A brown stray dog with an injured face was found in the streets of India. He was being surrounded by a swarm of flies, and creepy maggots can be seen crawling in and out of his big wound.

The poor boy was so weak he simply stayed in a corner or a busy street. He was homeless, lacked nutrition and badly needed help.

A concerned citizen found the dog who was badly injured he could barely move! He did the right thing – ask help from an animal rescue organization. Animal Aid Unlimited, India came to help the poor dog but did not expect the case was that severe.

Upon closer inspection, maggots have taken refuge in the dogs face.The most probable cause was that the dog has a facial wound which attracted the flies to deposit their eggs. Once hatched, the larvae or maggots turned to the tissues on the dogs face.

In short, both flies and maggots are eating the dog alive.

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