When You See The Dog Training Welfare Code Implemented by New Jersey You Will Be Surprised

State of New Jersey implemented this code of conduct for the dog owners.

5 basic needs
The code of practice takes account of 5 basic needs, known as the ‘5 Freedoms’.
The ‘5 Freedoms’ are:

freedom from hunger and thirst
freedom from discomfort
freedom from pain, injury or disease
freedom to express normal behaviour
freedom from fear or distress

source: Graham Milldrum

One of the things that is mentioned in it the fact that the use of pinch collars and
electric shock collars are not recommended. They say that even though these devices are not illegal their use/abuse is not allowed. They recommend reward based training programs instead and suggest that this type of training is much more beneficial for long term success.

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Source: gov.je
Download Jersey Code of Practice

main image source: Jeremy Bronson


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