Ground Scratching – Why Some Dogs Do It?

Did you know that dogs also scratch on the ground to show how strong they are? The longer and the deeper the scratch marks are, the stronger and more powerful your dog is.

If you happen to have a furry friend who is not found of ground scratching after every bathroom breaks, then there is nothing to worry about. Some dogs like send chunks of dirt flying into the air while others don’t.

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Can this behavior be marked as aggressive? experts say this is not the case with our pets. Domesticated dogs may be sometimes territorial, but unlike wild animals, they do not own any property or do they manage the area.

The act it itself may look aggressive to you, but for dogs, they just to be excited while doing so. They may send the soil flying to the air, and they can’t help but land some on their owner’s faces while letting dogs enjoy a bathroom break outside. There is certainly nothing to worry about whether your dog chooses to do or not do the ground scratching.

However, there were times when dogs do ground scratching as a sign of anxiety. One can see this when a dog attempts to scratch the ground when they find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Edgy dogs do this to try and to attempt to make them feel safer. They do ground scratching to control the space they are in.

So, if you ever find your dog excessively scratching on the ground, it may be time to let your dog wander more time around the park, and let him have a go more than once a day.


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