Most Common Mistakes Every Dog Owner Should Avoid

Everyone is bound to make mistakes at some point, especially if you’re a first-time dog owner. Many of us think we are doing a great job as dog owners, but are we really doing what’s right for our dogs?

Check out the most common mistakes most dog owners make

Owning a dog when you’re not yet ready

Owning a dog requires commitment, time, patience. You’ll also need to be financially stable and have a livable space suitable for your dog.

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Failure to train your dog with the basics

There are many owners who just let their pet do everything they want. Some say training didn’t work out, but every dog can be trained. It takes consistent training to make sure your dog learns how to behave properly inside and outside your home, around other people and other dogs.

Failure to take your dogs to the vet

Health is always a priority, and one of the best ways to make sure your dog is in tip-top shape is by taking him to the vet for regular check-ups, vaccines, and treatments.

Not giving your dog a microchip

Microchips give your dog appropriate identification in case he gets lost. The dog’s name, owner and contact details will be included in the microchip, giving you peace of mind.

Free-feeding your dog

Free-feeding your dog is that act of keeping food available for your dog at all times, which is a big no-no. Your dog needs to have a balanced diet for each meal. If you let your dog’s food out and available 24/7, you can risk overfeeding your dog and exposing your dog’s food with contaminants and pests.

Lack of socialization

Dogs are social creatures. You’re not the only interaction they need. Letting dogs learn how to interact with other dogs and people will make them happier and reduce behavioral issues down the road.

Not giving your dog enough activity to exercise

Depending on your dog’s breed and energy levels, owners should allow dogs to play and exercise. This will ensure they are happy, have a healthy weight, knows how to socialize and for them to burn their energy into recreational activities instead of turning it into destructive behaviors.

Allowing your dog to run without a leash

For safety purposes, owners are always required to put a leash on their dogs for the safety of the public and the dogs as well. Owners that let their dogs run free are at risk of accidents, fights with their dogs or even risk others getting hurt by your dog. Make sure to put your dog on the leash when you’re out with him on the public.

Failure to keep your home safe

Dogs are playful creatures who wouldn’t know which items on your homes can cause them potential harm. Before you take for dog home, make sure to keep sharps, poisons, and medications out of their reach. Rails are also a great way to restrict your dog’s access to some rooms.

Not saying no

Dogs are basically toddlers who would do everything they want until you step up and call them off. Saying no is never a bad thing for your dog, so don’t be afraid to say it. Letting your dog get away with everything only gives them more power and control over you. Make sure to set limits and teach basic commands.

Not thinking about dog expenses

Owning a dog costs money – and sometimes, a lot of it. From expenses like dog foods, dog grooming tools, dog bed, leash and collar to vaccines, regular check-ups and pet sitters and walkers if any, these can add up costing you more money than you could imagine.

Failing to brush your dog before and after bathing

Matting is a common enemy of owners with long-haired fur babies. What most dog owners fail to realize is that failure to brush your dog’s fur before and after giving him a bath is one of the reasons if severe matting.

Now if you plan on adopting a dog, make sure to keep these tips in mind. Knowing the common mistakes made by other dog owners will give you a chance to learn from their mistakes, do better and be a good owner to your pooch.


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