Hilarious Video Of A Persistent Husky Trying To Wake Up A Snoring Pet Pig!

Not a morning person? Would you rather sleep all day, catching up as much as snooze as you can? Would you rather sleep in till you get tired of sleeping? Then you’ll probably relate much to an adorable pig I found on the internet!

Do you know someone who loves to party all day every day? Would you rather play and have fun, and want someone to join you even if that means waking up an innocent friend from her deep slumber? Then your character matches the husky pup I’m about to share with you!

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I found a hilarious video while looking at dog videos on my spare time. I came across one that made me hurt my tummy from laughing and had my happy tears running down my cheeks. It’s about two adorable pets that are not really of the same type of animal.

Two pets in a California home – a massive but beautiful pet pig and a little Siberian Husky puppy were living in harmony with their family, most of the time. It is obvious that dogs love to play and be active, especially the younger ones. Puppies are like little kids, well all dogs are like little kids. The point is, they love to play, a lot. They would try and grab your attention just to have someone to play with, even if they have their toys and many items that can entertain them.

A gorgeous husky puppy was feeling extra playful one day and decided it wanted to play with the other pet, the pink, black and gray pig. However, pigs love to sleep. And the particular tie the husky wanted to play with the pig so bad, was the time she was enjoying a deep sleep. He was snoring loudly, obviously in pig heaven, oblivious to the world.

The husky decided to wake the sleeping pig, but faces a huge challenge – the pig was in a deep sleep. When the owner of the two pets started recording, what happened next brought tears of joy in my eyes.

First, the husky stood on the pig’s back, who was sleeping on its belly and his head on a pillow. He tried to stomp on his back several times. But the pig did not budge and continued snoring. The husky went down trying to grab the pig’s attention b barking as loud as it can, but still, no reaction from the pig.

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