Pit Bull Rescued From A Terrible Past Finally Found True Love

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Pit bulls are often labeled many names that hurt. Many pit bull owners and lovers alike are tired of hearing Pit Bulls being called names. Many fear pit bulls for them being pit bulls, what others fail to realize is that a pitbull s still an animal. They are alive, have emotions and all.

Some say Pit bulls are not suitable as pets. Homes with children should ever have pit bulls in them.  Ever pitbull is vicious, harmful and should be banned. The will sooner or later turn against their owners. Pit bulls are like ticking bombs ready to explode any minute. They cannot be trusted, unpredictable and should never be let out in public.

While dog owners, lovers or not alike have different views on this breed, I still believe Pit Bulls were given a bad reputation because of man’s own fault. Those before us bred this dog to be strong and tough – to fight against each other, and whose fault was that? Ever dog, or whatever animal it might deserve to love and feel loved.

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Like any other animals, Pit bulls act on instinct, but what matters is how we treat and train these dogs. How can we expect someone to show unconditional love when all we do is hate, provoke and not give them a chance at life?

Dogs, no matter what breed, are animals and they deserve to live. No matter what we do, they exist for a reason and it is our responsibility to step up and care for all things that have a life. We have no right to treat anyone, any dog or animal poorly just because of what they are or what family they come from.

While there are people who insist on hurting these poor animals, there are still those who choose to be the good ones. I came across a story of a Pit Bull rescue which only proved that humans are the real monsters, but there are still good people out there.

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.