When You See Ben the Lab and Duggie the Dolphin: Forging an Unlikely Friendship You Gonna Love It


Dogs are man’s best friends. In the tiny Tory Island in Ireland, however, dogs are not only friends with humans but even with a dolphin!

Yes, you read that right. In this island, you will see the unlikely blossoming friendship of Ben, a Labrador retriever and Duggie, a dolphin. Of course, many would not believe it at first. But after watching the actual footage, you will surely be amazed with how a creature from land and sea can have fun in the most unexpected way. It has attracted many tourists in the island, and most of them were awed with the interaction that they have seen between the two, with many noting that it is nothing like anything they have seen before. This is more than enough to make the island famous.
Duggie was first spotted in 2006 in the island. During such time, another dolphin has been found dead on the shore. According to locals, Duggie must have been grieving the death of the other dolphin, which is why she kept on coming back. Ben, on the other hand, is a Labrador that is owned by the owner of the hotel nearby the port. Ben is a naturally playful dog. He is often seen running around the harbor, but it is pretty unusual for the lab to be seen swimming. The friendship between the two is not one thing that has been forced. It occurred naturally. Ben has never been trained to swim and make its way to the dolphin to play together.
Every morning, Ben would be seen playing around the harbor. In one fine day, where everything just seems normal, Ben just decided to go down the stairs from the harbor and swim. Those who have seen him thought that he was just playing on the water. They were shocked when he swam on his way to the dolphin. They were even shocked when the two began circling and having fun, just like kids playing with each other. On some days, they would do this for more than three hours. Once they get tired, Ben will go back to the harbor and Duggie will continue swimming in the ocean.

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