This Adorable Video Of Dogs At The Beach Gone Viral! Watch Now To See Why

A Day At The Beach
It doesn’t surprise that this video of dogs at the beach has become a viral sensation. I know I’ve probably watched it at least a half-dozen times now. I also can’t stop sharing it with other people. Even better, there’s a story that goes with this video. It’s a story I think you are truly going to love.

The Malibu Dog Training Company has a special treat for its graduates. It gathers them up and takes them to the beach for an amazing day of sand and surf. The dogs get to have a blast, and if you watch the video closely enough, you’ll notice a cat that came along for the ride! That’s Didga, and he certainly seems to be quite at home with all of the dogs that have accompanied him.

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Have you ever taken your dog to the beach? What are some particularly great memories you have from those experiences? If you haven’t taken your dog to the beach, consider it!

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