This Dog Is Completely Obsessed With Looking After His Tiny Baby Duck

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Herding Dog Turns Administrator And Caretaker

A Dog is the best friend of man, woman, child and also cat if you have been observing over the years how the canines and felines have coexisted in millions of homes across the country. But there is more to dogs than just that. If you explore the history and also contemporary tales of canine bravery, you will find dogs to be very useful in a myriad of ways.
There are sniffer dogs, guard dogs, herding dogs, farm dogs and the list goes on. Clearly, dogs have more purpose in life than what we presume.

One dog, in particular, an Australian shepherd named Farley has become the manager of Funny Farm Rescue in New Jersey. He is not a dog. He is a caretaker. He is the protector, the facilitator, the pacifier and indeed the administrator. For a dog to take up responsibilities like Farley has is nothing short of an amazing story. He has been taking care of animals on the farm, large and small, friendly and unfriendly.
Farley had been brought to Funny Farm Rescue after his owners could not care for him anymore. Funny Farm Rescue was his foster home.
He was to be adopted and moved to a new home. But he chose to make Funny Farm Rescue his permanent home and not by cajoling or by being a burden but by being more useful than you would imagine.
image source: Funny Farm Rescue

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.