Dog Tied Up To A Poll Outside A Drugstore At Last Finds New Life! Awesome!

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People treat their dogs in quaint ways. Many are overly protective and caring.

They ensure optimal well being of their dogs. But there are many others who are careless and often inhumane. Dogs being tied up to poles, abandoned far away from their homes, left to wander in the wild and even dumped at odd places are storied we hear all the time. One such painful tale came to light in Georgia.
Seven months old Dempsey was left outside a drugstore, tied to a pole. It is not clear if the owner of the dog went to shop inside and later forgot about the dog or just walked by and tied Dempsey to the pole in order to abandon him. Dempsey was in a very poor state. He was dirty, bruised and didn’t seem to have the energy or the urge to move. Passersby looked on and all were aghast but no one wanted to get close because the dog seemed very ill and was not pleasant to hold. Not everyone is trained to handle dogs in bruised and fragile conditions.
An unknown person called the Dekalb County Animal Services and Dempsey was rescued. Upon diagnosis, Dempsey was found to be suffering from an eye infection and severe mange. Dempsey was not aggressive or hostile. He responded to the care and became friendly in no time.
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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.