This Labrador Saw Little Boy Drowning. Now See What This Pooch Does…Priceless

This little cute boy was swimming in the pool what happens next is just unbelievable

And his four-legged friend Lab, thinks that something is wrong and the kid shouldn’t be in the water by himself. Lab drags his little owner…by his hand out of the water. The kid is in disbelief, his look says:”What did I do wrong?  I was just swimming.” But, regardless the loyal pooch is on the look out. It was captured on the camera and it is amazingly cute and adorable to watch and what also adorable to know that this lovely and magnificent dog is capable of this.
This is So Cool – Labrador Drags Toddler Out of The Water Because He Thinks Kid is Drowning
Now watch this amazing Yellow Labrador Retriever Dog saving this cute little boy.

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