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The world of dog rescue is an emotional and important one. All over the world, there are homeless dogs in need of serious veterinary attention, food, water, and a loving owner who will care for them.

In fact, many of the dogs rescued from the streets tragically never find a forever home and are put out to pasture to avoid over population. The START Rescue and the Hope For Paws organization are fiercely raising awareness amount the number of dogs awaiting adoption and about just how important adoption is. Not only does it save the life of these innocent animals, but it also provides these rescues with the ability to continue rescuing more animals off of the streets and providing them with the care that they need.


One man from the Hope For Paws organization shares a heartwarming story on YouTube about a dog, named Rosie, and the helpful trick he discovers that leads to the rescue of her puppies. Rosie wandered around for weeks in search of food and shelter. A woman by the name of Liz Johnson continued to feed her while trying to find someone to rescue her and give her the care she needed. The START Rescue wanted to provide a home for Rosie if Hope For Paws was able to rescue her off of the streets, and what happened from here will warm your heart.

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A gentle cage trap was set for Rosie as the first step in her rescue. She approached the cage with much caution until finally entering it. Once safely inside, the representative from Hope for Paws began to gently speak to Rosie as he fed her treats and worked to gain her trust. In hardly any time at all, Rosie seemed to warm up to him and offered him trust. A leash was placed around her as the man inspected her for lactation to see if she had any puppies. To his elation, she was lactating which meant that her puppies were out there somewhere needing to be rescued, as well. The man lengthened Rosie’s leash to give her the freedom to go to her babies and she led the team to an abandoned truck. She went underneath the truck only to find that her puppies were not there, so she laid down her head and grew very depressed.


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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.