Dog Cheats on the Treadmill And It Is Caught On Camera! LOL!

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Did That Dog Just Cheat On His Exercise?!

We all know that people cheat on their diet and exercise plans every once in a while. I know I certainly do. That’s one of the reasons why I roll my morning jog into a morning walk for my golden retriever. Max definitely needs the exercise, so keeping that in mind gives me the motivation to get out of the house, more often than not.

But still, we’re not perfect, when it comes to diet and exercise. However, it never really occurred to me that a dog might “cheat” on an exercise routine, as well! Then I saw this amazing video. This would have to be one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen in my life. When you see the video for yourself, my guess is that you are going to be inclined to agree!

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Dog Cheating On Exercise Video
This sheltie is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. In the video, you will want to pay attention to what happens at about the nine-second mark. I have to admit that I laughed for a good, long time after I saw this video for the first time the other day. Then I watched it a couple more times! It really is just about one of the funniest videos you’ve seen in quite some time.
dog's exercise

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