The Talking Pit Bull Who Can Answer Yes Or No Will Leave You Speachless !!!

Dogs are inherently clever- much more clever than we often give them credit for.

Though their intelligence does not quite match that of human intelligence or even computer science, they truly are much more intelligent than we may ever know.

In a video that received over 2 million views on a YouTube, and owner demonstrates the fruits of her labor on how she has taught her sweet and brilliant pit bull to explain what he wants. It truly is quite remarkable and is proof that dogs understand so much more of what is going on around them than we know!

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At first, the owner asks her dog, “Do you want to go outside?” to which the dog very clearly expresses “NO!” by shaking his head no. Next, the owner asks her dog, “Do you want a cookie”?, and the dog excitedly responds “YES!” by shaking his head up and down.

Next, she asks him, “Do you want your dinner”? Another “YES!” head shake from the dog, followed by “Are you going to eat your dinner”? and another excited “YES!” The owner concludes the video by expressing that the dog truly understands emotions by asking him, “Do you love me”?, to which the dog seems to smile and nod “YES!”.

There is so much to take away from a seemingly simple action! First, if a dog can express a complex emotion such as love, happiness, fear, hunger, exhaustion, or even the desire to go and play outside, then what does this say about how severely most of us have underestimated them?
talking pit bull

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