This Adorable Little Baby Girl Surprises Her Furry Friends With A ‘Gift’ And Their Reaction Is Priceless!

I Can’t Believe This Baby And Dog!

When you were a child, was your dog your best friend? My parents like to tell me that when I was a baby, I loved to take naps with our dog, Spencer. We would nap together on the couch, and I’m sure it was the most wonderful place to be in the whole world. There is something amazing about the way our dogs can comfort us. There is something about the way being close to these animals, particularly when we are small children, can fill us with feelings of love and security.

While I’m sure I felt all of those things with Spencer, I didn’t go through anything along the lines of what the little girl in this story did!

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A Baby And Her Naptime Buddies
This story of Elarose, her cat Pebbles the Ragdoll, and her dog Nelda. It’s not uncommon for these creatures to join little Elarose during naptime. They provide the child with both safety and security. You can see that pretty easily in the video that’s included with the story. You can just tell that these animals are used to this sort of thing. It makes for a very heartwarming scene. To be sure, it certainly reminds me of what things were like when I was growing up…

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