When They Introduced This Great Dane Into This Special Little Girl’s Life…They Didn’t Expect The Transformation They Got!

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Pets are often the first best friends we have as children. Our dogs were always there to play with us and to be there to lean on as we grow up.

Our pets often shape the people we are becoming by giving us joy and happiness, even when life is difficult.

Bella Meets George
In the case of one little girl, having a dog best friend is just what she needed. Meet Bella, a lovely eleven-year-old from Massachusetts. Bella was diagnosed with Morquio syndrome at the young age of 2 ½. For most of her life, Bella was destined to deal with never ending medical complications, not being able to walk without crutches and a shortened life span due to her illness.

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One day, however, Bella’s life was forever changed. In 2015, Bella’s parents decided to adopt a service dog for their daughter. As they searched for Bella’s new best friend, they weren’t having much luck with the other animals. Most of the dogs were ignoring Bella and walking right past her. After a few misses with the other dogs, the family happened to stumble upon a Great Dane named George. As soon as George and Bella locked eyes, the two were inseparable.

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.