LOL When You See These Two Dogs Go Through The Drive Up Window At Mcdonald’s

We All Scream For Ice Cream

When you bring home a furry dog friend to be your pet it is inevitable that at one point or another they become part of the family. First, they are given human names to signify that they are indeed considered children in your family, not just pets. Then, their toys take up more of the living room than your actual furniture does. While at first, they have a doggie door for themselves, they eventually have you trained to open the door for them, walk them out to the grass, and wait for them while they go potty. At first, they are told to stay off the couch and eventually work their way into making the couch their favorite place to relax and snuggle next to you. Instead of receiving scraps from the dinner table, there comes a point when whatever you are having for dinner is lovingly placed in their bowls completely intentionally and on purpose. They wedge their way into every corner of your heart along with every corner of your bed. At some point, they stretch out right in the middle and make you adjust yourselves around them, instead of the other way around.

Before you know it you find yourself calling vacation rentals to see if they are dog-friendly so that you can bring your pal along with you when you go on holiday trips. You purchase dozens of leashes, collars, toys, and dog beds to figure out which one makes your sweet little puppy the most comfortable, stylish, and good-looking. Your car is stashed with dog treats for your trips to the dog park and you even have a foldable water dish so that you can always provide your doggy with fresh water.
cooper loves icecream

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