Dog Finds A New Home After A Lifetime At A Shelter

Not Everyone Has The Same Fate Or Experience The Same Journey.

Some dogs get adopted no sooner they are rescued. Some puppies find new families the moment they are made available for pet lovers. Some dogs and puppies are not that fortunate. No matter how much we would want the world to be more equitable, for all humans and animals, we do live in an unequal world and there are bound to be discriminations based on various factors. At times, it is not discrimination but just luck.
Olive had one such case of a misfortune of being passed on by dog lovers. Olive has called Yonkers Animal Shelter her home for as long as she can remember. She would have new dogs and puppies in the shelter who would get adopted but she would had remained alone in her enclosure spending twenty hours a day waiting for someone to adopt her. The staff at the shelter became her friends and family. She had not known any other home or family than the Yonkers Animal Shelter and the staff. All of that was about to change four years after her arrival at the shelter but that too did not happen.
As weeks turned into months, the wait seemed eternal. Eventually, Olive had to wait for eleven years before someone would express serious interest and intent to adopt her. Over the eleven years, the staff at the shelter had developed a more than special bond with her. They too had shared the waiting with her.

Image source: Yonkers Animal Shelter

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