Pit Bull Born With Genetic Defects Beats All Odds And Finds The Perfect Parents

Every living thing is vulnerable to deformities. From trees to humans and all the animals in between, a deformity is a reality and it is beyond anyone’s control.

Genetic engineers are trying to predict and control deformity but the battle of choosing good genes and discarding bad genes is far from over. One can say that dogs are less vulnerable to deformities than humans and it is obvious since they are genetically less advanced. With more genetic complexities emerge more possibilities of something going wrong.
One instance of a dog suffering from deformities has created a stir on social media. Pinky, a young dog who looks like a pit bull but is not, suffers from strange deformities which are not common among dogs. She is white but has very little fur. It makes her look pinkish. She has squinty small eyes. The eyes don focus at the same direction. She has a strange shaped face with the tongue just protruding out of the mouth and there is a different shape forming her nose. When Pinky was dropped off at Galveston County Shelter in Texas, none of these were obvious. It was also unclear if the same people who dropped her off were the owners.
As the story of Pinky went viral on social media, it caught the attention of Paulette Goodreau. Her partner Christie Cornelius is a vet and she suspected Pinky would have a skull deformity and a number of other problems, mostly genetic in nature.
pit bull genetic defects
Image source: Galveston County Animal Shelter

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