This Dog Goes To Shelter To Pick Out Her Own Kitten To Take Home

Many animal lovers are not satiated with one pet. It is pretty much like wanting two kids, at least…

Indeed, it is better to have two pets. Not only would your home be an adventurous place, never short of being fun and interesting, but the animals will also keep each other company. Very few pet owners will be able to dedicate a lot of time, being with their dogs or cats and ensuring they are happy. When there are at least two animals, they can keep themselves busy and attend to their own happiness.
While it is one thing to have two dogs or two cats, it is a completely different thing to let the pet choose his or her friend. That is exactly what happened to Raven. She got the opportunity to choose her best friend. Her owner wanted to have a cat and Raven was absolutely fine with it. But instead of being just compelled to stay with any random cat, Raven and her owner went to a shelter and the canine got her chance to choose her new friend.
Raven was a puppy back then. At the shelter, a few kittens were brought in front of Raven. Four kittens were shown to Raven and they too assessed the canine. Felines and canines have always had a strange coexistence, mostly of love and rivalry. Some of the kittens were not interested in Raven, at all.
Image credit: instagram /raven_and_woodhouse

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