This Shelter Dog Cannot Contain Her Excitement About Getting Adopted

Anyone who has ever had a dog knows that the canines can emote.

They are at times more emotive than humans. The reason why they can emote and that too with a range of emotions is obviously because they are more conscious of their condition, aware of their surroundings and do have an inkling of what is about to fall upon them. Dogs have spent enough time with their human friends to be evolved to understand the world we have created around them and what we offer to them.
When dogs are rescued, abandoned and surrendered, they undergo a mix of emotions. Abandoned dogs are helpless, depressed and often ailing. Surrendered dogs are often aging, ailing and may have some behavioral problems. Rescued dogs, whether from abandonment or after being surrendered, tend to be grateful. They are happy to be in the shelter, under the care of the staff and having the necessary medical attention. However, this spike in joy is interrupted when the staffs have to focus on other dogs. No shelter has more staffs than needed and very few shelters are not cramped with dogs.
It is obvious that a dog cannot stay at a shelter forever. Even if one does stay, it would not be with the love and care, attention or unflinching dedication that it could get while staying with a family.

shelter dog excited to go home
Image source: Lort Smith Hospital

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