When Tommy The Pit Bull’s Story Went Viral, He Had Just a Few Days to Live But Then Magic Happened

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 This Poor Pit Bull Finds a Home From the Hospital to His Forever Family

Suffering from the aftermath of trauma and abuse caused by dog fighting, Tommy didn’t have much of a chance. Second Chance Rescue NYC took to social media to share Tommy’s story.

Rescuing Tommy
Tommy was found covered in scars, with a deep gash in his neck from his past owner’s fights. Jennifer Brooks, the president of Second Chance, saw Tommy and knew that she had to do everything in her power to try to save his life. Pitbulls like Tommy are often taken and used by their owners for violence. This also perpetuates the stereotype against Pitbulls and only furthers the cycle of abuse that these dogs go to.

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Jennifer knew that Tommy had never experienced a good life and know that she could not let this dog die. Second Chance prepared to take him up to New York, but he first had to find a family in his location, Dallas. Luckily, DogRRR of Dallas, Texas took Tommy into their own hands. A volunteer from DogRRR took Tommy into her home to care and love him before his trip to New York.

Tommy’s Angel, Kerry Anechiarico, took the Pit Bull into her home for those few days. She worked towards making Tommy comfortable with people again and getting him started on training.

pit bull few days live

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.