When These Puppies Came Out To Play In The Snow Nobody Expected Them To Become So Wild And Playful

These Golden Retriever Puppies Came Out With Their Mother To Play In The Snow.

All kids love to play outside in the snow and this cute puppies are no exception. They have gone wild, chasing their mother and jumping over each other. They are having fun and it is contagious and eye catching. They are, literally, are going wild. Their poor mother doesn’t know where to hide. They are too fast and there are too many of them. It seems that they already learned  what does it mean to work as a pack which makes it virtually impossible for their mother to escape. 🙂
Poor mother is being “attacked” from all angles! 🙂
Cute Family Fun!
They pushed their mother down to the ground…
golden-retriever-puppies-playing-in-snow-3 golden-retriever-puppies-playing-in-snow-7

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