A Sneak Peek Into Vietnam’s Dog Meat Trade

Dogs may have been considered as man’s best friend for how many years now, yet there are still some people in some places that still treats dogs in what I feel is a barbaric way – they feed on dog’s meat. I knew that there are people in some parts of the world who still continue with their ways that included dogs on their diet, but the video I saw a while ago made my heart break for the poor souls.I am sure any dog owner and lover would feel disturbed on the video and story I’m about to share, but I feel it is important that we know what is happening and how our beloved are treated in other parts of the world.

The video was set in Vietnam. This country has rich culture both in ways and food. People living in Vietnam enjoy eating many types of food. They love eating different kinds of meat – unfortunately, that includes dog meat.

In a typical market on this side of the world, you can see meat vendors chopping, putting on display and selling dog meat. Some dogs are even in cages or dog baskets – they are alive, but the sadness and loss of hope you can see in their eyes tell you they knew what was about to happen to them.They sell dogs as if these were pigs and chicken. Some are alive, some already chopped. The ones bought alive are placed and secured inside a bag, weighted on a weighing scale and caged until the time comes for the sellers to present them to their customers.

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The woman featured on the video went to interview one of the store owners. She was told that they get their daily supply of dogs from dog traders who get these dogs from the countryside.

The dogs were shaking and have no space to turn. To say they were cramped in the cages where they are kept is an understatement. One of the cages seen in the video shows about 30 dogs are kept inside the cage one at a time, but the distressing fact is that all dogs are quiet, as if afraid to make a sound.

Over the past two decades, Vietnam made its way from being one of the poorest to one of the countries who were fast growing due to market reforms. Because people are now living in better terms, they are able to go out more often to celebrate.

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