13 Things Humans Do that Their Dogs Hate #13 Is The Most Devastating

If you are a dog lover, the thought of your dog hating something you do to them probably hurts you to your core.

Thinking that they could be sad or uncomfortable at your hands is not something you want to even think about.

And because dogs are so loyal they usually don’t tend to show us when we are doing something they aren’t fond of. Since they are not able to tell you when you are doing something wrong, here’s a list of 13 things they don’t really like.

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1. Using Too Many Words

When you form a bond with your dog, you sometimes forget they are still just dogs and don’t necessarily understand everything you are telling them. When you try to reason with them, it really does show. By using too many words, you do nothing but confuse them, which in turn irritate them. They can pick up on a few consistent words such as “Good” or “Treat” so try to use smaller words that they may understand to get your message to them.

2. Hugging Them

Not all dogs hate this, but some really do. It’s important to watch their body language when you are hugging them. If they are tense or have a stiff posture, you may want to refrain from this act, because it’s not something they are comfortable with.

3. Yelling

While dogs need to learn their limitations, yelling doesn’t accomplish anything but make them sad or upset. Using positive reinforcement instead can help.


4. Touching their Faces

While most can tolerate a touch here and there, many don’t really like it. You want to give them plenty of personal space, especially dogs you don’t know.

5. No Structure

Dogs need to have limits, and because of this, a structured environment is one that they will thrive in. If they are used to a routine like walking, eating, going out, roughly the same time each day, they will learn what to expect.

6. Making Eye Contact

When you don’t know a dog, you should refrain from staring into their eyes. This can be seen as a challenge. Looking into the eyes of your dog, however, can be a sign of affection.

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