These Abandoned Dogs Are Inseparable And They Thought They Were All Alone…

What happens when two people experience a nightmare or embark on a journey that exposed them to serious dangers only to get them back from the brink? They would become friends.

That is exactly what happened when Bridget and Louie.
Both Bridget and Louie were abandoned at a shelter. They were basically dropped off without any kind of explanation or note. Bridget and Louie are pit bulls. Bridget is a larger tan pit bull while Louie is a smaller black pit bull. When they were dropped off, it seemed that they had to be with each other. It was apparent when the two simply wouldn’t let go off each other. They would stay together, look out for each other, snuggle and also be at their most content in their mutual presence. Taking either of them away would lead to observable nervousness. To avert this anxiety, Montgomery County Animal Services chose to allow them to share a kennel.
When dogs are dropped off at rescues or shelters, they are immediately plunged into a new environment which is by no means conducive after one has stayed in the confines of a home. From personalized attention and quiet settings to a loud center where personal attention is elusive, it can be very difficult for abandoned or surrendered dogs. This is regardless of how joyous or painful the past home was.
Bridget and Louie were suffering from mange and both had matted fur, which must have been painful. The two inseparable dogs were observed cowering together.

image credit: Pit Sisters

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