This Bulldog Reacting To A Beer Ad Will Warm Your Heart

It’s pretty amazing. No matter what might be going on, and no matter what the dog might be up to, when that commercial comes on TV, absolutely everything changes. The dog comes rushing in, regardless of where it might be in the house. It makes its way to the TV, watches the ad with rapt attention, and only after it has completely ended will the dog resume whatever it was doing.

The video makes it pretty clear that Khaleesi absolutely loves this video. Watch the video for yourself. You can see quite easily that the dog is extremely engaged by everything going on in the commercial. The dog and other animals in the video have certainly made a big impression on this adorable English bulldog. Does your dog watch TV with you? If so, are there are certain ads, TV shows, or even characters who are guaranteed to get a reaction out of your dog each and every time?

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Some dogs really love to watch TV. I wonder what else Khaleesi likes to watch at home?

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