When The Owner Set Up The Camera In The House And Left For Work She Didn’t Expect Her Dog To Do This

This Owner Wanted To See What is Going On With The Dog When She Is At Work…

She set up the camera and left. What she saw on the video when she got back was very disturbing and heartbreaking. This is probably what is happening with a lot of dogs when they are home by themselves and us humans just don’t realize it. But it is very important to know what is happening when you are out.
Your dog is your best friend and this video will make you want to set up the camera in your house to see what your dog is doing when you are not there.

When we are home with our dogs, they behave differently than when we are not there and it is just a dog in the empty house. This video will reveal something disturbing that might be happening with your pooch too.
dog home alone

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Dog’s with separation anxiety is a serious issue and the one that can be and should be dealt with.

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