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How to Train Your Dogs So That They Can Welcome You and Your Guests Properly

Dogs are good communicators. If you have guests, a well-trained dog can give them the proper greetings and can make any dog owner proud. But what if your dog is just starting their obedience and patience training? During this period, it’s critical for owners to control their dogs as much as possible.
While you’re training your dog, it’s also essential that you inform your family members and guests as well. No matter how hard you train your dog, if there are people who are always too excited about your dog, and then your training will result to nothing. Other people can teach your dog bad habits, frighten them, overwhelm them and even turn their personality around.
Controlling Other People… Anyone can create certain problems with your dogs without even realizing it themselves. Most of the time, if your dog is adorable and very cute, you can expect to hear from your visitors that it’s alright for the dogs to jump, run around or do exciting tricks. But this will not be cute anymore once your dogs are around 40 plus pounds after a couple of months.
During this period, if you allow other people to let your dog do whatever he wants, they are unconsciously teaching your dog that dashing around your home is a good behavior. And you wouldn’t want this because this kind of behavior will not go away even when your visitors leave your house.
The best thing to do in this situation is to control your dog and inform your guests that your dog is just beginning in his obedience and manners training where they should also try to help you as well. If your dog or guest doesn’t listen to you, you can always put your dog on a leash or crate.

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