See What Happened When This Deer Walked Into Great Dane’s Territory

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I live in Oregon with my three dogs, two cats, and husband. Where we live in the state, deer are a pretty common sight.

You can run into them on the sidewalk, in your backyard, or just about anywhere. In fact, the deer are so tame around here, newcomers and first-time visitors don’t know quite what to make of it!

We’re not supposed to feed them, but I have to admit that I just can’t help myself sometimes.

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I’m so used to the deer around here, I kind of take them for granted. I have to remember sometimes that in other parts of the country, and elsewhere, the deer react quite differently. I saw a video recently that warmed my heart, even if it didn’t surprise me too much. After all, I come from a town where the deer will gather and confer in your backyard as though they own the joint!

But I shared the video on my Facebook, and I couldn’t believe the response it received! People just didn’t know what to make of the whole thing, particularly the part in which a Great Dane made friends with the deer who happened to stop by for a visit. They couldn’t believe what happened when the Great Dane met with the deer for the very first time!

Watch the video for yourself, and you will see that when it comes to deer, anything is possible. The same can definitely be said for unlikely friendships.

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