Adorable Dogs Protecting Babies And You Should See #3 It Is Just Awesome

Why Dogs Tend to Protect Babies So Much?

If you go on the Internet now and search for videos on YouTube of dogs protecting babies, you will find a vast abundance of them. There are all sorts of dogs protecting babies while they sleep, eat and basically throughout the entire time. Interestingly enough, the breeds of dogs are various, and there isn’t one, per say, which is a lot more protective than others. So why is it that dogs tend to be so protective of babies? And why all of them do so in such a vigorous and bold manner? The questions are various, but there is only one main reason.
Dogs Are Guarding Animals
That’s it – the simple truth. Dogs are animals which were bred a long time ago with the sole intention of guarding different things. Whether it’s a house or a farm of sheep – the main role of the dog was to guard the property of its owner. Later, they started to be bred for hunting reasons. For instance, one of the most common domestic animals on the entire planet – the white Labrador retriever dog was once used solely for hunting. The main designation of the dog was to bring back the shot ducks when they felt in the lakes. This is also why these dogs love the water so much. However, the main point is that dogs have particular purposes to which they are genetically predisposed.
Dogs Find Babies Susceptible to Attacks
As it is with any other animal on the face of the Earth, dogs know when another being is being vulnerable – it’s in their genes. They also know that the baby belongs to its owner and that’s why they are protective of it. This is why you won’t see a dog attacking a baby, regardless of how annoying the little person can be. He could go on hitting him on the nose, poking him in the eyes and whatnot, but you won’t see the dog attacking.

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