Director of Taiwanese Animal Shelter Commits Suicide The Reason Is So Touching

She had expressed how distraught she was feeling and she highlighted the need for people to adopt more dogs. The animal shelter obviously doesn’t have ever expansive space so there will always be a limit to how many dogs, cats or any animal it can house at a time.

Her message was simple and it was quite pragmatic. The practice of purchasing new dogs and special breeds fuels the large dog breeding industry. There are already enough dogs in the world that people can adopt and even then there may be some in the shelters. Many people did not focus on the message but resorted to name calling. She was called female butcher by some commentators. Some people called her a butcher with beauty.
Already distraught from being compelled to carry out the mercy killings despite being a vet and a dog lover, she could not take the name calling. It must have been harrowing for her because she decided to take her own life, in the same manner, she would euthanize the dogs. Jian Zhichen was thirty-one years old. She was affectionate, talented and had a promising future. Her husband along with the police found her unconscious after she committed suicide and she later died in a hospital.

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