This Dog Was Only Dropped Off To Be Groomed What Happened Next Is Out Of A Horror Movie

When Allison Marks dropped off her pet at Petco grooming store on Friday, May 29, she didn’t think that it will be the last time she will ever see her beloved pooch.

Petco grooming was supposed to bath and groom her Golden Retriever Colby and give her a call to pick him up. It has been a while and she was wondering why does it take so long for the service. But, of course, she didn’t think that anything like what she was about to find out happened. When the phone call finally did come in, the store manager shocked her with horrific news, her four-legged friend is dead…You see Petco is using drying cages for the pooches after they are bathed and the system supposed to switch the heat off after 15 minutes automatically. As Alison was told the machine…


Watch the rest of the story in this touching and emotional video and please let us know with your comments bellow what do you think. Negligence or an accident? And what would you do in Allison situation?

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